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Dry and hot weather spell stunt the growth of crops

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APELDOORN The draught and the heat, welcomed by vacationers and the North Sea coastal towns, are extracting a heavy toll in the rural areas where both dairy and crop farmers are facing reducing yields on their acreages. Some agricultural analysts estimate that by early July the crops had fallen behind by at least 30 percent compared to last year. In addition to lower yields, the analysts also fear loss of quality on account of the lack of precipitation. Some fruit growers already have lost their season. The moisture evaporated from the soil in sandy regions such as Limburg rather quickly; these districts are very sensitive to draught. In waterlogged Zeeland there is another problem. The waterboard has banned the use of surface water for irrigation but the groundwater is too brackish for keeping the crops watered. Other water sources also have other limitations. In more recent days the country was plagued by very regional thunderstorms, accompanied by strong winds and downpours, another threat to the crops.