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Seventeenth century rapid growth of Amsterdam on display

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AMSTERDAM The growth of Amsterdam from a typical Dutch city to a global hub of trade and commerce continues to fascinate people of all walks of life. The seventeenth century expansion of Amsterdam was nothing short of phenomenal and all the more amazing considering the nature of the terrain, which was basically swampland. Amsterdam later served as an example for royalty in other countries who wanted towns or new districts built in strategic places, such as St. Petersburg in Russia and Gothenburg in Sweden. The curiosity regarding the Amsterdam expansion remains keen, perhaps the reason why the Rijksmuseum has created an exhibit on The Amsterdam girdle of canals, the expansion of Amsterdam in the Golden Age. The exhibit includes 1662 maps by Daniel Stalpaert and paintings by Gerrit Berckheyde, whose famed canvas The Golden Curve of the 'Herengracht' (Lords canal) provides a seventeenth century view of this expansion. The exhibit is on display through September 6.