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Regional farm heritage groups create national umbrella

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

AMERSFOORT – The number of historic farm houses, usually with a section that provided space for dairy cows during the winter season in an all-under-one-roof situation, has dwindled significantly as numerous such dwellings have been torn down. Over the past fifty years, three out of every four of these historic buildings have disappeared. Historians note that this situation makes it all the more urgent to preserve the remaining ‘inventory’ of cultural heritage sites. They also emphasize that the loss of the buildings also entails the loss of other parts of the farmsteads as well, including the yards, the auxiliary structures and the stalls and other inside facilities. Tied to material aspects are the immaterial ones, including the stories of life on the farm. Sixteen regional farm preservation groups, mostly defined by region or segment interests, have banded together to form Agrarisch Erfgoed Nederland (Agricultural Heritage Netherlands), a national farmstead preservation alliance.