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Dutch scouting movement celebrates centennial

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UTRECHT The Dutch scouting movement is celebrating its centennial this year. It held large gatherings in this central Dutch city recently, attracting about 25,000 youths. They met at five different locations, the younger scouts at parks where they participated in various activities, the older ones in the city core where they, among other activities, portrayed themselves as living statues. The Dutch scouting movement has about 115,000 members (59,500 boys and 54,600 girls) with 87,000 belonging to the youth groups. Most are enrolled in the regular scouting program but there are also Sea Scouts (some 300 clubs) and Air Scouts (about 15 clubs). The Dutch scouting organization has held two World Scout Jamborees, one in Vogelenzang (Bloemendaal) in 1937 and one in Dronten in 1995.