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Country's highest point moves across the Atlantic

The Netherlands gains its own volcano

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THE HAGUE - The highest point in the Netherlands will be moving across the Atlantic Ocean when on October 10 the tiny Caribbean island of Saba becomes a special Dutch municipality.

Saba's Mount Scenery which reached 877 metres upwards, is a dormant volcano with a lava crown. The mount is potentially dangerous. Its last eruption occurred in or around 1640 and included explosions and pyroclastic flows.

Visitors to Mount Scenery receive a certificate if they make it to the top. Mount Scenery deposes Vaalser Berg, the 322 metres high 'hill,' located in the southern province of Limburg.

Saba is home to the Saba University School of Medicine, which was established by expatriates from the U.S. in coordination with the Dutch government. The school adds over 300 to its about 1,400 residents and is the prime educational attraction.

Saba measures 15 square kilometers and has two official languages, Dutch and English. The local population also speaks Creole.