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Dutch maintain role as largest exporter of veggies

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RIJSWIJK The news of The Netherlands again being the largest exporter of fresh vegetables last year, also points to it being a significant distributor in the global trade of food commodities. In fact, its position as top fresh veggies exporter is firmly tied to its distributorship, which underscores the importance of freight hubs such as Rotterdam's port. In 2009, the export volume increased by 4 percent over the year before. The Netherlands ranks for the third consecutive year as the largest exporter of fresh vegetables. The total amount last year was 3.5 billion Euros, with onions leading as the largest single entry, followed by tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. Last year, the export of fresh fruit dropped by 2 percent. Apples and pears are heading the fruit commodities list. Re-export is becoming increasingly important for the Netherlands. In 2000, 34 percent of the total quantity of exported fresh fruits and vegetables was of foreign origin, by last year this had risen to 52 percent while the re-export of fresh vegetables is now 32 percent and the re-export of fresh fruit an astounding 87 percent.