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Dutch Honour Roll now online as well

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

THE HAGUE The Honour Roll of the Fallen of the war years of 1940 through 1945, which lay for decades at the entrance of the Second Chamber, Binnenhof 1a, can now be accessed online anywhere in the world at Visitors can search the database, which is designed as a book of names, and call up the fallen one by one by name or place. Each listing shows particulars such as surname with given names, date and place of birth as well as date and place of death (if known). Visitors can leave a flower on the page of those fallen they are related to or know about for any reason. When wanting to leave a flower, a password must be typed in as a form of security in order to combat spammers. The databank holds the names of about 18,000 people who died as the result of action or in the line of duty. They represent five categories: Army, Navy, Merchant marine, Dutch East Indies forces KNIL and resistance, and the participants in the resistance in the Netherlands.