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New memorial recalls deadly attack on royal family

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

APELDOORN The central Dutch city of Apeldoorn, famed among Canadian veterans famed for its May 5th Liberation anniversary parades, now has with its dedication on April 29, another memorial within its city borders. While it is linked to a parade, it has nothing to do with the Liberation. The memorial acknowledges those who were killed and injured in the senseless Queen's Day attack on the Dutch Royal family, which occurred within metres of the De Naald monument. The newly unveiled memomerial is located near 'The Needle,' which is located at the corner of the Loolaan and the Zwolseweg. The earlier monument dates from 1901, when it was erected in honour of Dutch king William III, his widow queen-mother Emma, and the newlyweds princess Wilhemina and prince Hendrik. The onlookers at the recent ceremony were protected from future attacks via access roads with concrete abutments blocking the way.