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Museum plans exhibit for centennial of reading method

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

ROTTERDAM Millions of Dutch people trace their earliest reading skills to the so-called Aap-Noot-Mies-Wim-Zus-Jet method which many people recall with fondness. This sense of nostalgia has not been lost on the souvenir industry, which makes these reading tools available for gift giving and decorative purposes. Originally produced by educational publisher Wolters, the method will be exhibited in the Rotterdam-based National Education Museum, starting February 20 through August 22. Few people know that the method was originally designed as Raam-Roos-Neef-Fik-Gat by Mattheus B. Hoogeveen, a teachter at Stiens, Friesland. Once Wolters took on the method, it quickly turned into a success. The method included various components, including a classroom display, a pupil handbook and an illustrated board.