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Dutch foundation launches stroke awareness campaign

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THE HAGUE - The ‘Hersenstichting’, a foundation that focuses on the plight of stroke survivors, has found that seven out of ten patients suffer irreversible damage to their brains. This usually manifests itself in speech, including extent of vocabulary, mannerisms, memory and thought processes and or emotions. Many of the stroke survivors undergo changes in character and temperament, even though on the surface no changes are apparent. The foundation, its name can be translated to Brain Foundation, has launched a publicity campaign to gain more empathy and understanding for stroke survivors. Many stroke survivors reportedly face additional relational trouble at home and at work following such a frequently devastating physical experience. The foundation also estimates that on an average day in the Netherlands, 110 new people will suffer a stroke for a total of 41,000 annually. Although the news dispatch does not mention such a suggestion, it can be very useful for the patient and family to seek out others with similar experiences.