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Joint worth of the Netherlands is 4,92 thousand billion

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THE HAGUE The joint total worth of the Netherlands has been estimated at 3,500 billion euros (so there is no confusion about billions and biljoenen (which are not the same): 3,500.000.000.000 or about $4,920.000.000.000). This translates into about $295.000 per person in the Netherlands, reports the Webmagazine of the Central Bureau for Statistics. Over half of the worth is tied up in housing, up from 40 percent in 1996. The value of Dutch houses tripled between 1996 and 2008, according to the CBS. The worth of commercial and industrial real estate, roads, dikes, equipment and vehicles is about 30 percent of the total. Agricultural real estate and inventories reportedly only represent 2 percent of the total, although the sector continues to outperform all other economic endeavours in the Netherlands. Since 1996, the oil, natural gas and mineral reserves of the Netherlands have dropped, but its worth has increased by 150 percent. The joint worth of the households has gone up too, a fact attributed to an increase in the number of cars, clothing, computers and other articles.