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Course Boschlogie now has over 2,000 graduates

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

DEN BOSCH – Taking a local history and roots course called Boschlogie earns graduates the title Boschloog. The Brabant capital has a rich history going back centuries. Also, its core’ cityscape is unique and was declared a protected site before contemporary developers with plans for colossal buildings could alter the skyline of inner ’s-Hertogenbosch, its official name. City council embarked on a restoration plan, which among other things, opened the Dieze waterway to boat traffic, allowing visitors to literally view the bowels of the city. The waterway, which has been channeled by centuries-old mason walls, was also covered over in many places by bow-shaped ceilings of brick. The city now has over 2000 Boschloog graduates, who are adequately informed to guide anyone on an informative tour of Brabant’s pearl. The course also attracted newcomers to the city. For example, the two thousandth graduate is a Frisian who resides in nearby Hintham.