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Little tolerance left for New Year’s hooliganism

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

ROTTERDAM – Dutch tolerance of hooliganism on New Year’s Eve is wearing extremely thin, a number of culprits discovered on January 2 when they were hauled before summary courts for quick justice. One 24-year old man received a six-month jail term for throwing fireworks at an emergency police unit. He was also given house-arrest restrictions during the next two New Year’s Eves. The man, who pled not guilty, has launched an appeal. Two others received lighter sentences and fines. A fourth accused in Rotterdam will be tried later by a regular court. Summary courts heard about fifteen cases on Saturday, January 2 and Monday January 4. The minister of Internal Affairs would like to see the level of maximum fines to rise to 10,000 euros, a very large increase from current levels. The total number of New Year’s hooliganism complaints fell slightly to just over 2,400.