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Students create record-size Dutch baking delicacy

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

ALMELO Most Dutch deli outlets in North America only offer factory made speculaaspoppen (spice dolls), as do supermarkets throughout the Netherlands. Many Dutch bakeries take pride in making their own specialty speculaas products. It is not surprizing therefore that groups of college students in the Netherlands would try their hand at creating record-size edible dolls. College students in Rotterdam claimed a world-record speculaaspop (nearly 14 metres long), bested by Twente college students a week later, who created a doll of 14.39 by 5.24 metres, pieced together from blocks measuring sixty by forty centimeters, since no oven is large enough to hold such a huge product. They sold these pieces for 100 euros each to raise funds for an educational project in Gambia in Africa.