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Minister mediates unhindered travel for Wilders

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

KERKRADE – PVV-leader Geert Wilders fails to be evenhanded, so says Dutch Foreign Affairs minister Maxime Verhagen. Wilders is quick to dismiss opponents for all kinds of reasons, but gets extremely annoyed when a minister in Turkey has no desire to meet him or when his documentary gets no airing in Prague. Verhagen told his audience in the southern Dutch town that he regularly has to mediate for Wilders so the outspoken Islam critic can travel unhindered away from home. He also had to inquire with Turkish officials if it was true that Wilders was not welcome in Turkey as part of a parliamentary delegation. Verhagen made it clear to his officials that it would be good that delegations with Wilders are received and of the necessity and benefits of dialogue. On the other hand, Turkish ministers can not be forced to welcome all Dutch delegations. Wilders accused Verhagen of sympathizing with Turkish officials, calling him a political nobody. Neighbouring Jordan has issued an international warrant for the PVV leader’s arrest for insulting Islam.