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Rolls of Bouwman designed Olympic coins come with random surprise

Third commission for Royal Canadian Mint

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BURLINGTON, Ontario - They may not realize it, but millions of Canadian could soon have an opportunity to touch Jason Bouwman’s work of art when they pass along one or more of the recently released 25-cent coins that celebrate the men's hockey gold medal at Salt Lake City in 2002. In a unique twist, three million of these coins were produced in brilliant colour and inserted randomly into circulation coin rolls. Upon their release, the coins were initially available exclusively at the branches of the Royal Bank of Canada and at participating Petro-Canada gas stations. Both companies are a National Partner of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Individual coins may also be available from select coin dealers.

The men's hockey gold medal at Salt Lake City in 2002 was voted by fans as the No. 1 Canadian Olympic Winter Games Moment of all time in an online contest hosted earlier this year by the Mint and Canada's Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium. The top three moments will be featured on 25-cent coins.

The design by Burlington, Ontario artist Jason Bouwman, depicts a hockey player with arms raised in victory, on the backdrop of a maple leaf. The words 'men's hockey masculin', the year '2002' and the logo of the Canadian Olympic Committee also appear on the reverse of the coin.

The three million coloured 25-cent coins -out of a total of 22 million- were produced with state-of-the-art patented technology at the Mint's Winnipeg facility.

The Mint has also produced a special uncirculated set featuring all three coloured moments coins, available from the Royal Canadian Mint.

The Olympic coin design is not Bouwman’s first one for the Canadian Mint. Last year, it issued a limited edition commemorative silver dollar, to denote the Canadian history of flight. This design depicts the silhouette of a young person running with arms outstretched, casting a shadow of an aircraft in flight. The coin was issued in conjunction with the 100th Anniversary of Flight in Canada.

Bouwman’s first commission for the Royal Canadian Mint was the design for the mint’s own 100th anniversary. This coin showcases a maple leaf transforming into a loon, two Canadian symbols found on our coinage.

Graduating from a technical illustration program in 1995, the son of Dutch immigrant parents worked as a freelance illustrator until he founded Burlington’s Compass Creative about five years ago. Compass Creative creates logos, illustrations, websites and brochures. The firm also does photography for its clients.