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Massive project considered for the Blue Heart area

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

LELYSTAD – Dutch authorities are planning an ambitious nature ‘creating project’ in anticipation of further developments in the IJmeer, the southern tip of the former IJsselmeer adjoining Amsterdam. The new wetlands would be created next to the already existing Oostvaarderdersplassen by turning a number of farms into ‘new nature.’ This plan would offset new developments in the IJmeer, where housing and a direct bridge between Amsterdam and Almere is being considered. This plan would link Lelystad and Almere in Flevoland with Amsterdam and Schiphol, opening up the possibility of adding 60,000 housing units (a dubbelstad or twin city) in and off the polder province. Part of the project is additional recreation in the IJmeer and the Markermeer, which is the larger Blue Heart area south of the Enkhuizen-Lelystad dike across the IJsselmeer.