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Flotilla of Dutch heritage ships arrives aboard freighter in NY

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PEEKSKILL, New York - A fleet of Dutch traditional leeboard vessels of all sorts-low slung skûtsjes, fishing boats (Botters, Lemmeraken and Hoogaarsen) and barges (Tjalken en Ponen), the direct descendants of the flat-bottom vessels that sailed the Dutch coast and around Manhattan in the 17th century, will soon sail into New York Harbor all tightly ‘anchored’ aboard Dutch freighter Flinterduin.

Most are original watercraft, over 100 years old. The boats were scheduled to arrive in New York City early September, and where they will remain for three weeks and participate in a regatta around the Statue of Liberty, and make daily trips on the city’s waterways. On the 13th of September, the entire fleet will take part in a Parade of Sail, where they will salute Dutch Crown Prince Willem Alexander and his wife, Maxima, who will be aboard the visiting Dutch frigate Hr.Ms. Tromp.

Afterwards, the fleet will sail upriver, dropping anchor at several historic ports originally founded by seventeenth century Dutch colonists. Stops include the Hudson River towns of Nyack, Peekskill, Cold Spring, Kingston, Catskill and Coxsackie and then finally on to Albany where the voyage ends. These communities will celebrate the arrival of the fleet and her crew with a warm welcome and festivities.

Upon the fleet’s arrival in Peekskill, they will be fêted by the City of Peekskill, the Peekskill Yacht Club, and the National Maritime Historical Society.