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Entrepreneurs now cater to vacationers with disabilities

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

THE HAGUE The Dutch travel industry, particularly bungalow parks, has started to cater to a previously ignored segment in society: the chronically ill and the handicapped. Entrepreneurs are adapting bungalows for clients with such problems as allergies and diabetes. They also have started to provide 24-hour in-park care to those who need help with dialysis. Handicapped vacationers have been abandoning tailor-made tours for a normal stay at a bungalow park, as long as the facilities are suitable. Roompot, a bungalow park-chain, has prospered with its newly-discovered niche, as has Zorgvrij Reizen. Others have joined the trend. There is still room to grow. The segment is far behind the general public in taking holidays.