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Blanks filled in registry of Camp Amersfoort populace

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AMERSFOORT Far more information is available now on the former prisoners of German camps in the Netherlands. Officials of the Amersfoort Camp, a Dutch national monument, recently learned that the digital data bases at Bad Arolsen near Kassel in Germany contain far more information on the Dutch camps (Westerbork and Vught are the other main concentration camps) than formerly realized. Up to now information was available on 8,000 of the over 35,000 former Amersfoort prisoners. It had been assumed that the German camp registries were destroyed. Amersfoort served as a collection point for prisoners between 1941 and 1945 from where they were deported to Germany and Poland. Out of privacy concerns, the records in Bad Arolsen may only be accessed by academic researchers and by family concerning specific individuals.