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Wereldomroep emergency channel for the Dutch abroad

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

HILVERSUM Radio Netherlands World Broadcasting Service (in Dutch Wereldomroep) has assumed the responsibility of broadcasting announcements internationally for Dutch citizens abroad in times of disasters and emergencies. The service is part of an integrated program that includes broadcasts, the internet and practical information such as the telephone number of embassies, consulates general, hospitals, airlines and travel insurance providers. The information will also be provided via BVN, the Dutch and Flemish television broadcast arm. The service is particularly targeted at Dutch immigrants, expats and travelers who get caught by natural calamaties, tragedies and large accidents, acts of terror and political coups or unrest. Wereldomroep will also take in missing person cases. The service was conceived following the recent closure of the Bangkok airport by protestors. While the broadcaster regularly aired news of that incident, the travellers who were caught on the ground received very little help.