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Intensive excercising avoids muscle weakness among elderly

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MAASTRICHT The elderly can avoid loss of muscle mass by regular physical excercises. Prescribing special protein-rich powders or liquids were found to have no extra benefit in maintaining muscle power. According to a study by Maastricht University academics who published their findings in a U.S. academic magazine, muscle mass can be regained by following a training program and a healthy diet. They call it a relatively simple way to improve quality of life. Loss of muscle power is a frequent problem among the elderly, often a side effect of diabetes and dementia. For twelve weeks, the researchers monitored a group of healthy men between the ages of 65 and 85 who followed an intensive exercise program. One group received protein supplements, the other group placebos. After the test period the researchers could not find any difference between the groups, although all had gained muscle power. As a result, they note that exercise and healthy food are sufficient for the elderly and that they require no protein supplements.