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Unhealthy lifestyles comparable to submerged peatbog fires

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

THE HAGUE – Heath advocacy groups representing the diabetes, heart and kidney interests at the launch of the first national lifestyle barometer warned about the peatbog fire that ‘burns underground’ and is caused by unhealthy lifestyles. Such fires are not easily put out and resurface in unexpected places. The heath advocacy groups say that six out of ten people in the Netherlands have unhealthy lifestyles. These people have a greater risk of diabetes, heart and vascular illnesses and kidney failure. The groups note that many people underestimate the risks of an unhealthy lifestyle. To launch the barometer, the groups used 1400 people for the study. Two or more joint factors of problems such as a pattern of unhealthy food, obesity, too little exercise, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are causing concerns for the health of 57 percent of the group. For 33 percent smoking was an additional issue, for 28 percent it was excessive alcohol consumption. Single people showed increased risk as do members of lower socioeconomic groups.