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TU/e already cracked futuristic internet security coding

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

EINDHOVEN – A futuristic encrypted internet security system, deemed to solve today’s system weaknesses, was quickly cracked by technicians at the Eindhoven Technical University (TU/e). The Eindhoven group wrote a program to crack the McEliece encrypt software, aided by one hundred powerful computers, stationed in the Netherlands, Ireland, France, Taiwan and the U.S. The McEliece-code is far more advanced than the RSA-code banks currently used to protect their online systems. The TU/e results confirmed that the futuristic software requires further upgrading to make it really secure. TU/e professor Tanja Lange presented her report at a Cincinnati conference recently along with recommendations. The McEliece-code, which will be phased in about a decade from now when quantum computers become operational, requires a more complex coding with still more elements to enhance its security. Eindhoven’s efforts are seen as confirmation that Dutch encryptology is on the leading edge in its field of endeavour.