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Kramer and Wüst take Dutch speed skating championships

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HEERENVEEN – The 2008 Dutch speed skating championships have become a repeat of 2007. Sven Kramer extended his national men’s title by another year to a total of four and Ireen Wüst (women’s) three years. Kramer won three (5k, 1500m and 10k) of the four distances and settled for third in the 500m sprint, collecting 149.397 points. Wüst won the 500, 1500m and 5k distances and came in third in the 3k race with 164.614 points. Kramer is also the world champion. On the national level, his 2008 win pulled him even with skating legend Kees Verkerk who was also a champion four times. The longest running champion ever remains Hilbert van der Duim who won it seven times (1979-1985).