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Integrity checks ‘Bibob’ law to take crime out of prostitution

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

ALKMAAR – Prostitution may seem to be legalized in the Netherlands but there are caveats. One such qualification is the licensing requirement. Many prostitution operators and prostitutes failed to properly register and have made the government’s hoped for control of the ‘sector’ as elusive as ever. The current coalition cabinet is now considering making it illegal to deal with unlicensed operators or persons in this sector. The other significant twist to the controversial ‘legalization’ of the sector is the use of another provision in Dutch law, which aims to eliminate the involvement of criminals and their groups in the Dutch business world. Municipalities are now successfully using the ‘wet Bibob’ to shut down ‘legal’ brothels and so-called escort businesses when owned by criminals and their associates. The city of Alkmaar shut down 92 of 128 windows. New owners of such places will be subject to integrity checks before they can be given a license.