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Dawson Creek became stronger under Kruk’s leadership

Young B.C. Mayor battled cancer

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DAWSON CREEK, BC - The tributes poured in from far and wide as the northern B.C. city of Dawson Creek struggled to come to grips with the death of their (first term) Mayor Calvin Kruk. Age 43, Mayor Calvin Kruk lost his battle with lung cancer less then six weeks after he was diagnosed with an aggressive type of the illness.

Kruk, who had been on the city’s council for nine years, the last three as mayor, arrived in Dawson Creek to take a job as broadcaster at CJDC. An outgoing man, Calvin Kruk became involved with a number of community groups, including the one behind the 1998 Northern B.C. Winter Games. Kruk left broadcasting to manage the Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre. He made Dawson Creek his home in 1990.

After Kruk learned of his illness, he downgraded his re-election bid for the Mayorship to one for a seat on council, hoping it would give him more time to focus on his health.

The city’s Chief Administrative officer Jim Chute paid tribute to Kruk's ability to rally people around his vision, particularly on sustainability and environmental issues. He remarked that in his 29-year municipal career rarely had he encountered someone with the strength of conviction that Calvin Kruk had. Chute said he will always remember Mayor Kruk for having principles and touchstones that he returned to on all issues.

Raised in Maple Ridge, Calvin Kruk is survived by his wife, Faith, and son Austin, 12, his mother Alida Kruk-Bandringa Riebot and stepfather Jan, two brothers and a sister and their families. He was predeceased by his father Jake and his immigrant grandparents Kruk and Bandringa.