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All covering Muslim garb faces prohibition in Dutch society

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

THE HAGUE - There are very few Dutch political parties that tolerate the burqa, the head-to-toe and face-covering garb for Muslim women. The fact that only a few Muslim females in the Netherlands wear this all covering dress to school, failed to generate any sympathy among the Second Chamber members who now support the position long advocated by the conservative liberal VVD and Geert Wilders’ rightwing PVV. The proposed ban of the burqa initially included elementary and secondary schools but will be extended to colleges and universities. Labour critic Margo Kraneveldt suggests that burqas do not belong in an open and emancipated society. Open communication must be guaranteed in the classroom and on the playground, she says. The ban includes parents, personnel and suppliers who service schools and covers all schools. A similar ban will cover all civil servants. It is expected that other levels of government and transit operators will follow with a prohibition as well.