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Provincial capital soon to be home to over 1000 monuments

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

DEN BOSCH – The provincial capital of North Brabant of ’s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch for short), which already is home to 220 buildings with a municipal heritage designation, will be getting another 315 such heritage sites on its growing list starting next year. Another 550 buildings are part of the national list. The owners of the additional municipal sites will be receiving notification shortly of the municipality’s decision, which will restrict them when wanting to make structural or design alterations of any kind. None on the list can be demolished for replacement by a new structure. If owners decide on restoration projects, they may qualify for dedicated grants. Several church buildings will join sites such as the ‘Moriaan,’ which dates from around 1185 and is considered to be the oldest home in the country built with bricks. Another building is the 16th century building ‘De Munt.’ It once was the Mint where the city struck its own coins. There are still other, non-building heritage sites as well within the municipal borders, which include such villages as Empel, Engelen, Hintham and Rosmalen.