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Donald Duck still most popular magazine among Dutch students

Cartoon strip attractive

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THE HAGUE - Dutch college and university students seem more interested in the adventures of Donald Duck than in global politics, international problems or in thought-provoking intellectual questions.

That is the conclusion made by the National Students survey, which revealed that one in ten youths reads the Donald Duck magazine. This makes the children’s magazine the most-read magazine among students. The survey was held among 1,775 students at colleges and universities.

Time and money

On average, university students spend 27 hours a week on their assignments. For college students, 25.5 hours is deemed sufficient. Additionally, students work about 10 hours a week for an average hourly wage of 8.50 euros. They also watch TV three hours a day and spend 5.5 hours per day on the Internet.

The students also provided an insight into their financial situation. On average, they have $425 per month available for discretionary spending, while their basic expenses run about $475. About 70 percent of them say that their bank account is never overdrawn.