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Castle lords offer tourists a stay at their manor

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WINTERSWIJK – A home away from home could also be a castle, especially if the destination is this Eastern Dutch border region with Germany. Tourists wanting an upscale experience, something normally reserved for the upper class, are invited to book a night or more at any one of 17 participating estates, manors and castles. The added value certainly is the authentic atmosphere, since the owner is also the host. Among the available rooms are those in two of Castle Bergh’s 16th century defense towers. The monumental facilities at s-Heerenberg have been carefully restored to their original condition as part of a $5 million investment, but also offer all the modern conveniences. Another interesting place to visit is the century-old but stylish Vriezenhuis in Winterswijk, which allows people to enjoy breakfast in a former cow barn. Some of the castles are located in nearby Germany. A dedicated website tells the story in three languages and offers a detailed look at the facilities: at the facilities.