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Queens’ Day for a great number of Dutch ‘flag day’

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

THE HAGUE – One out of every Dutch citizen take civic pride in the Netherlands. Just as many people think that their fellow citizens could take a bit more pride in their country. Princess Máxima remains the most popular member of the Royal family, followed by Queen Beatrix, her mother-in-law and, at a distance, by her husband Crown Prince Willem-Alexander. Queen Beatrix rates strongest by far when delving into the question of ‘Netherlandership,’ followed by the Crown Prince and his wife a distant sixth. Entertainers, singers and sports personalities all score well in this category. The Dutch see themselves as level-headed, nuchter. Tolerant, funny, helpful and blunt are also among the characteristics that came to mind in a large size sampling of public opinion held shortly before the national feast day Koninginnedag (Queens’ Day). Not surprisingly, a third of the 24.000 people surveyed had a closer affinity with their own town than with their country, with Europe or with the world. Two out of every three would prefer to stay in the Netherlands but one out of every four would like to emigrate, preferably to Spain or Germany. Almost one out of every two agree that Muslims represent a threat to Dutch norms, values and traditions. Over one in three also is weary of the EU. One out of every two owns a Dutch flag. Two thirds of them raise it on Queens’ Day. Dutch emigrants elsewhere in the world were polled as well. Three out of four of them want to preserve the monarchy and agree that the Orange family has a positive effect on trading in foreign countries.