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U.S. Embassy site possibly the future home for museum

Legation moving to Wassenaar

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THE HAGUE Executive councilor Marnix Norder of The Hague already has plans for the American Embassy on the Lange Voorhout, although the building will not be vacated for at least another four years. Located in an area where it is hard to offer the embassy the level of security it requires, the Urban Development wethouder sees no such issues arising if the landmark was turned into a museum.

The comments by Marnix Norder are the first indications that the municipality wants the building, designed by the Hungarian-American architect Marcel Breuer in 1959, designated for public use. The U.S. legation plans to move to an estate in nearby Wassenaar. The Americans hope to relocate by 2012, but the date is far from certain. After the move, the municipality of The Hague will assume ownership of the landmark.

The embassy requires a high security level, especially since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States. A row of poles keeps cars from approaching the building. Behind the barricades, high gates offer additional protection, while the building's lowest windows have been reinforced with bars. Security personnel guard the building around the clock. Neighbours see the embassy as a high security prison, making its presence a problem for the city.