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Family matters relevant to the Dutch public domain

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

THE HAGUE Family matters remain relevant in Dutch politics, whether it involves controversies surrounding new life in the womb, child rearing or marital relationships. Dutch abortion activists have taken to the high seas, offering offshore abortions to countries such as Ireland and Portugal where these procedures are not as readily available. The organizers were recently in the news again as they challenged the status quo in Portugal, which according to them fails to meet European women's rights standards. At home, Labourite Marjo Van Dijken is still trying to introduce legislation that will prohibit conception through contraceptive inoculation for couples who are deemed to have poor parenting skills and if still conceiving will authorize the apprehension of the new born child. The Second Chamber member has been slowed down in her attempts because her proposal must pass the scrutiny of Dutch and European (constitutional) lawyers. Dutch Minister for Family and Youth, Andre Rouvoet, of the ChristenUnie, has submitted a proposal to cabinet to compel couples with children who are facing marital breakup to attempt salvaging their relationship through counseling.