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Extensive landscape make-over planned ahead of quadcentennial

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

DEN BOSCH Turning history into a modern experience seems to be the aim of the task force De Groene Vesting (The Green Fortress). It is preparing for the 400th anniversary of Prince Frederik-Hendrik's military feat of 1629, when against overwhelming odds he captured the heavily fortified, strategic and historic Brabant city of Den Bosch. Protected by seemingly impenetrable swamps and fortifications, the prince put hydraulic engineers to work who first drained the treacherous terrain before his army took the stronghold from the Spanish. Not much remains of the prince's drainage system, but the task force is studying the possibilities of recreating some of it as part of an extensive landscape make-over, as part of the pre-quadcentennial theme "Traces from the past." The group's vision will likely not be realized without protracted debates between stakeholders. The website will share the group's progress with the public.