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Automobile club ANWB at 125 still a loyal partner

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

AMSTERDAM Automobile club ANWB, with 3.9 million members the largest Dutch interest group by far, recently celebrated its 125th birthday. The society, which already received its royal designation in 1935, was congratulated by Transportation minister Camiel Eurlings who called the organization a loyal partner, but also one that dares to speak its mind and defends its members well. In short, Eurlings sees the ANWB as the pearl of Dutch mobility. Queen Beatrix attended the birthday celebrations as well, receiving a large plaque with miniature reproductions of the signs which in recent times have sprouted up in the Dutch landscape, drawing the attention of motorists to the beautiful sights they should not miss. The ANWB also takes care of road signage along highways.