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Another addition at Elim Village

Oasis amenity building seen as hub of social life

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SURREY, British Columbia – A key component in Elim Village’s plans was recently dedicated with hundreds of residents and supporters looking on. The new Oasis Amenity Centre was designed as a club building with a large multi-functional 400-seat auditorium, and includes a coffee shop, a wellness centre, and numerous activity rooms. Elim’s board sees Oasis as the new hub of the village's social life.

The building is one of a number on the 20-acre site which previously was home to a Burnaby Lake Greenhouse complex owned by the Vander Ende family. Elim Village currently is building a complex care facility, an addition to the already fully operating ‘Independent Plus Living' care service in its Emerald Building.

In addition to a number of spacious rancher duplexes which straddle the Northern and Southern perimeters of the property, there are four Independent Living buildings with over 160 suites. All residents, over 400 now, participate in a life-lease program which offers extra care when needed and as additional services become available.

In its Emerald building and in the currently constructed complex care facility, Elim Village has a partnership with the Fraser Health Authority which fills a block of beds. The complex care facility features several unique designs. Each area in the building, consisting of 14-16 suites, is its own neighbourhood, with internal and external walking loops and dedicated outdoor spaces.

Elim hopes to open the complex care facility by the Spring of 2009.