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Iowa Dutch ties

Five generations family photograph spans 95 years

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

SHELDON, Iowa The five generation photograph represents a time frame of 95 years between the most senior and junior personality and as may be assumed is only a small part of the total family picture. Taken in the northwest Iowa town of Sheldon, the five generations are part of a very significant Dutch American concentration which dates from the early 1870s when a number of Dutch migrant settlers arrived in the area. The party came from the crowded Dutch America settlement of Pella which had been founded in 1847 under the leadership of dominee H. Scholten.

The youngest face on the photograph belongs to Avery Mouw of nearby Alkeny. She is held by mother Lisa, flanked by grandmother Sherri Moerman (right), great-grand-mother Christine Peters and great-great-grandmother Sena Vreeman (left). Avery is her 15th great-great-grandchild.