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Colleagues trick ambulance attendant

Roadside emergency call a farewell party for unsuspecting driver

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

GOES, the Netherlands – Ambulance driver Bram Huissoon had attended every type of emergency in his 32 years on job, involving calls from boats, cars, trucks and railway cars. Wanting to retire quietly without a reception, he hoped to put in a regular relatively uneventful shift, not anticipating an emergency with a pair of planes on his last working day.

Nearing the accident site, the emergency call was upgraded to very urgent. As he arrived, he noticed that the fire truck was dousing the planes with foam. Also other emergency vehicles already were in attendance.

Other emergency personnel directed him to the injured in one plane. As he opened the door of the twin-engine craft, he saw women somewhat bloodied: his wife and his daughter, who both burst into laughter when they saw his shocked expression.

His colleagues who quietly had rejected Bram’s no-farewell event decree, and turned his last roadside emergency into an appropriate send-off for an appreciated and a dedicated emergency worker.