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Kruispunt TV series on Dutch monasteries popular with viewers

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

HILVERSUM – The Roman Catholic television program Kruispunt keeps attracting record numbers of viewers for its series on monasteries and other subjects, such as on Dutch priest Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, the since retired head of the influential Jesuit order. Only the broadcast featuring Kolvenbach’s Benedictian counterpart in Rome, Notker Wolf, also Dutch, attracted less than 100,000 viewers. Some of the installments attracted 400,000 viewers. Kruispunt producer Fijen notes that the series was watched by people during the busy Christmas days when there are many other activities to tend to. The monasteries continue to be of interest to many Dutch people, according to the Kruispunt producer. In early Dutch history, monasteries played a key role in society, a fact often overlooked today.