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Appreciation for Dutch veterans and military on foreign missions

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

HAVELTE – The recent high profile missions of the Dutch military have resulted in the need for greater recognition of those serving their country in dangerous places. Among the steps taken is an event to which the nearest family of those serving abroad are invited to enable them to give each other moral support. One such event took place recently at the Johannes Post Kazerne (an army base named after a well-known WWII resistance man), where Queen Beatrix unexpectedly dropped in to join the families of the Havelte military serving in Uruzgan, Afghanistan. The 43rd mechanized brigade has lost several men in recent months, and a minute of silence was observed in memory of them. As well, Dutch Veterans’ Day, is held on June 28. This special day has been gaining more prominence each year since its inception in 2005. It too acknowledges those who have served in combat zones abroad. This year, the Dutch flag will be raised for the first time on the main government buildings on Veterans’ Day. Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende asked the provinces and municipalities to raise the flag on that day as well.