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New Bible translation receives a mixed report at synod CGK

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NUNSPEET The Synod of the Christian Reformed Churches (CGK, in North America it has ties with the Free Reformed) has received two conflicting reports on the New Bible Translation (NBV) which since its release has found its way into numerous Dutch households. A study committee appointed in 2003 has concluded that the churches are not served by a ban against the NBV nor by an unconditional objection. The committee chairman advises the churches against its use because translators have substituted key concepts righteousness, conversion and the fear of the Lord, to name a few - with new phrases which he deemed to undermine the wording of the confessions. A seminary professor, whose services were used as a reader of translated texts, sharply disagreed. To date, only the Reformed Churches (GKNv) have approved the NBV for use in their churches. The CGK is still contemplating the matter.