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The Dutch host over 10 million tourists for a second year in the row

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LEIDSCHENDAM - It is come and go in the Netherlands, a pin-sized country with over 16 million people. For two years in a row, it was host to over 10 million tourists, a new high. Germans (2.8 million), the British (1.9 million) and Americans (over 1 million) out of the 10.7 million tourists headed the list for 2006 which increasingly includes Southern Europeans and Asians. Half of the 34.5 holiday trips the Dutch made themselves had a destination inside the country. The Northern three provinces as well as Western and Central Brabant and Southern Limburg are popular areas. The favourite accommodation for holidays is a bungalow, most commonly reached by car, although a rental boat for transportation has gained in popularity. France, Spain, Turkey and Greece top the list of foreign destinations for travelers from the Netherlands.