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Publisher awarded membership in Order of Orange-Nassau

At August 15 remembrance

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ANAHEIM, California – De Indo publisher and editor Rene Creutzburg, who for over forty years has promoted the roots and identity of the Indo community from his California home, was recently named a Member in the Order of Orange-Nassau. The honour was awarded at the August 15 remembrance, held at the Avio Dutch American club building.

De monthly De Indo, often affectionately referred to as ’Het gele boekje,’ largely uses the Dutch language and focuses on the preservation of the collective memory of the community which largely has a mixed Dutch or even diverse European and Asian ancestry.

Particularly California has become the hole of thousands of Indo who usually arrived in North America via the Netherlands where there is a still larger Indo presence. Creutzburg’s monthly also is read in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and in various Asian and European countries.

Founded by Indo Community Center De Soos, Rene Creutzburg later assumed full responsibility for De Indo. He has been involved with the publication since its inception 44 years ago.