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Buckhorst estateís potential as tourism draw investigated

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

ZALK Ė Local and provincial authorities are investigating whether parts of the Buckhorst estate, from 1813-1840 the residence of Overijsselís governor B.H. baron Bentinck, can be restored. Initially, a project group is putting its focus on the possibility of restoring the moat of the dismantled Buckhorst castle as well as the lanes on the estate, currently the location of a farm. There are no plans as yet to rebuild the castle which first was named in documents following its destruction in 1224. The stronghold, the home of a robber baron, was targeted after the nobleman had raised the ire of Utrechtís bishop. The estate near the city of Kampen could serve as an attraction and focal point for visitors to the area, authorities hope.