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Bishop Muskens gets little support at home for Allah as Godís name

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

BREDA Ė The suggestion by Roman Catholic bishop Muskens that the Dutch can call also God Allah, has gained him little support on the issue. In a special release, the diocese explained that the bishop gave a personal opinion which did not represent the views of his colleagues. According to the release, Allah is Aramaic for God. This is confirmed by the Coptic Christians who already called God Allah before the birth of Islam. Muskens, a former missionary who served in Indonesia, already said in 2004 that Christians there, with the Vaticanís approval, call God Allah in liturgical forms. The secretary of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands does not think that such a change is valid for the Netherlands, where Godís name already has a long tradition. A Muslim convert says that God, the Father of Isa (Arabic for Jesus), is merciful and gracious, and shows love to sinners.