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Frisian day, Paris, Ontario.

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

It was a beautiful morning and people of all walks of life were slowly moving their vehicles in the direction of Paris, in order to take part in the Frisian day 2007. This year held a special significance for us as we celebrated our fortieth year. Slowly the park was filling with old and young, lots of happy reunions. By eleven in the morning the official opening took place with some words of welcome as well as the assurance that this is not the end of our Frisian day. No, it will continue as long as there are Frisians showing up, we are told. A wonderful brass band helped us in our singing of the Canadian anthem as well as our Frys blood sing op.

We had the opportunity to show our appreciation for Bev Slofstra by way of applause for her forty years of diligent service, she informed us that she is retiring this year but will be available for advice if needed. Robert Lenos as well as Margaret Wesseling are also retiring after nearly forty years of service, and for them as well appreciation was shown by applause. But again this is not the end, mark July 1, 2008 on your calender. Replacements for these three people are already in place. One person that was truly missed was Mr. Bert Ferwerda who entertained us for many years with his one man band .A big thank you to Bert.

The afternoon was celebrated with games, swimming and getting reacquainted with old friends and relatives. Frisians still like their fish if the long, long line ups are any indication. This year brought out even more people than last year, and by their smiling faces on their way out it was obvious that everybody had a good time. From this place a big thank you to all those who did the organizing - a truly wonder full job.

- Jerry Van Dijk.