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Rotterdam port recognized for complying with Sharia law

Islam-friendly facility

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ROTTERDAM - The port of Rotterdam has been officially designated as halal at the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF). This means the door is open to trade with Islamic distributors.

Last year, the port announced it was going to be a distribution centre for halal-certified imported products from Indonesia and Malaysia for the European market. A spokesman for Rotterdam city council has since confirmed that the port has been granted an official halal certificate during WIEP in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. The Dutch port now is the first European port where products are distributed according to Islamic laws. A terminal will be used only for storage of halal-approved import products from Indonesia and Malaysia.

Mayor Ivo Opstelten of Rotterdam was a guest at WIEP where he met with the Indonesian president and the premier of Kuwait, among others. Former Premier Ruud Lubbers also attended the Kuala Lumpur event as a Dutch state councilor.

Halal foods are those that comply with Muslim dietary laws regarding sources and preparation of food.