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Illinois city of Fulton pursues windmill museum

Enhancement plan passes

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FULTON, Ill. — A standing-room-only crowd recently heard council members of the western Illinois city of Fulton debate a range of topics, including a new fire hall and a windmill museum. The bulk of the evening’s discussion however, was devoted to the enhancement plan of the city’s full-scale working windmill De Immigrant which sits on the banks of the Mississippi River.

It was quickly determined that an existing building was not desirable for the development of the windmill museum. After discussion, a general consensus opted for a new building, but concerns remained about the ability to raise the funds needed for the proposal. The Friends group so far has raised $157,500 towards the project. All acknowledged that securing a grant is key to proceeding with the project.

In the end, council opted for the removal of an existing building and raising a new structure to house the planned windmill museum. The decisions hinge on obtaining a matching grant from the state and a review of how much funding the Friends of the Fulton Windmill will raise over the next 90 days.

The Fulton area is home to a significant concentration of descendents of 19th century Dutch immigrants. The community built The Immigrant in the 1990s which since has become a very popular attraction in the state.