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Emigration trade show popular with young families

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

NIEUWEGEIN – A significant number of businesses service those wanting to leave the Netherlands for destinations that seem more attractive and offer better futures. Those candidate-emigrants can attend trade shows where anyone of note in the industry rents displays or booths to meet potential customers. Even countries looking for people with certain skills or are simply looking to boost their population base participate in the shows. This year’s trade show at Nieuwegein, Zwolle has one for the agricultural sector, attracting many young families looking for more (quiet) space. The presence of the Netherlands Antilles which has unfilled jobs and needs entrepreneurs, surprised many visitors. Among the destinations, Canada continues to be a popular choice. Australia is usually in the picture as well, but there are popular European destinations too, Germany, France and Spain all have Dutch migrant communities. Not as well known is the fact that in addition to Denmark, a previously popular destination for farmers, Sweden has also been attracting Dutch migrants. The Nieuwegein (Utrecht) trade show attracted a record crowd, pushed in part by the unease surrounding the release of Fitna, Wilders’ Anti-Quran film, as well as a growing feeling, that ethnic friction in the Netherlands is increasing.